Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Texas Texas Texas

For anyone who is trying to keep track of us good luck!!
Last month a great thing happened to us. We moved to Texas. We are so happy here. This is the best state on earth. Don't get me wrong I have liked living in many places, but this is definately the best. People here are so nice and its great.
We moved in at the hottest craziest times in Texas this year. That is how we do it though. We moved into the Bus on the coldest day of the year in WA and now we moved here on the hottest month ever here in Texas. We dealt with it though and now its all going well.
Our stress levels have gone down about 100 points and we are smiling and happy again. Life is good!
If anyone has any friends on their friends lists that know me please send them my way. I don't care who they are. I love to find out how anyone and everyone is doing since high school or any other time in my life.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Arkansas for graduation

Well sorry it has been a while since I posted. A lot of things are finally changing and getting better. It has been a while since I have had some funny stuff to chat about.
We are in Arkansas right now for Rich's oldest son Jason's graduation. Tomorrow (05/23/2008) he will be a high school graduate. We are so excited for this to happen. Rich is so proud right now. I will post pictures as soon as I can.
Let me tell you about our trip here from Walla walla. We decided to drive the motor home (the bus) because it was the same price maybe even a little cheaper than flying and staying in a nasty hotel. Well we left Thursday afternoon around 3. We started driving and the roads through Idaho were ridiculous. Too many ruts and too many bumps. It was hard work. (May I remind you that this is our fist trip in the bus and neither one of us has ever driven anything this big.) So it was quite adventurous. We made it to my moms at about 2 in the morning. We went to bed and got up the next day and decided to spend the day with my family and played some horseshoes and drank some beers. The next morning we left around 11 and headed towards Wyoming. There was tons of construction and lots of wind, which is tons of fun in the tall motor home. We made it to Laramie, WY by seven in the evening. We camped in a truck stop parking lot.
We got up the next morning and headed into Colorado. The roads right outside of Denver were ridiculous. They were so bumpy that we wanted to throw up. Finally we got on a new road after 25 miles of that and it all calmed down for a while. We drove into Salina, Kansas that evening (Sunday). We got up the next morning around 9 and spent an hour or so gasing up and washing bugs off the window. We headed out sometime after 10. We finished KS and headed into Oklahoma. We finally got into Russellville, Arkansas at around 8 at night on Monday.
Other things that happened. Our tail light almost fell off luckily we caught it before it was gone and got it screwed back on. One of our fridge doors fell off the hinges. We also had some other little things happen because of how bumpy it was.
We took the bus to the shop yesterday (Wednesday). One shop fixed half the problems and then we had to drive five miles to another shop to fix the rest of them. Luckily we found places that would help us out in this tiny town.
Arkansas sucks if anyone is wondering. I get sick everytime I eat at a restraunt. People think the food is good and it just isn't, but we try to grin and bare it while we are here.
Sorry this is long I will try to write more and so I can write smaller sections.
Love ya
Jacci and Rich

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Movin' into the Motorhome!

Okay, I am starting my blog by telling everyone about our move into the motorhome. First I will tell you that we did this by choice and because we think this will be a great adventure for us.
The move starts on a Sunday, we started taking stuff out of our house and into the "bus." It took us a few days, but we got it to were we could sleep out there. We were still figuring out the heat, so it was a little chilly the first night. On Wednesday I went to Idaho and Rich had to work a lot, so we ignored the bus for three days...and that is where it started.
When I came back we moved more stuff in and we noticed tons of things were wrong. So with our mattress and everything in there, the RV company had to come pick it up and take it 60 miles away to their shop. They spent all day working on her, and when they brought it back they told us it was all frozen and that was causing our problems. Well that night the carbon monoxide monitor went off while we were watching tv. Luckily we were still sleeping outside of our rental house so we just left it going off and went and slept on the couch.
The next morning we headed for the RV Park. It was about 8 degrees when we began the morning of the 24th. We got her all backed in and jacks down and the slides are out and we are hooked up to the sewer, then it gets bad. We are freezing and I had already been to the store three times to get the right hoses and attachments. We spent 3 hours taping an electric hose warmer to the hose and then we find out that the pipe we need to hook up to for water is broken. The staff here tells us that we are going to have to move to another area until they can get the pipe fixed in the spring.
We pull the slides in and jacks up and everything else and start over. It is now 2PM and we started at 8AM and I am headed to wal-mart for the fourth time. At about 4 we get hooked up to water and by the time we got into the bus to test it, everything was frozen. We pretty much wasted our time.
Two days later on Sunday night at midnight we finally got thawed water and now we are doing well. Everything seems to be going just right for now.
Today, I finished cleaning out our rental house and now we can finally move forward in our new adventure. Hopefully Murphy's Law will go on vacation from us for a while! It has been a long two weeks.
Sorry its long but thanks for reading!